A box that contains one of Andre Janzur's fantazztic costumes.
Type Consume
Found Bazaar
Costume Collection Chest
Premium Treasure Chest
Trade Yes
Vendor Vis ???

Notes Edit

Andre's Costume Boxes are mainly acquired from the Bazaar, but can also be received from the Costume Collection Chest as a gift, bought off of the Market, and found on Friday's Daily Treasure Chest list in the Premium Treasure Chest.

In this box you will find either standard costumes or hats for Stock Classes, and hats for UPC Classes.

Contains One Item Edit

Standard Costumes
OriginalFighter M Original Fighter Jacket (Male)
OriginalFighter F Original Fighter Jacket (Female)
OriginalMusketeer M Original Musketeer Uniform (Male)
OriginalMusketeer F Original Musketeer Uniform (Female)
OriginalScout M Original Scout Suit (Male)
OriginalScout F Original Scout Suit (Female)
OriginalWizard M Original Wizard Coat (Male)
OriginalWizard F Original Wizard Coat (Female)
OriginalElemental M Original Elementalist Dress (Male)
OriginalElemental F Original Elementalist Dress (Female)
MutationFighter Costume for Mutation Fighter
MutationMusketeer Costume for Mutation Musketeer
MutationScout Costume for Mutation Scout
MutationWizard Costume for Mutation Wizard
MutationElemental Costume for Mutation Elementalist
Robe002 Robe of Fire Costume
Robe003 Robe of Ice Costume
Robe004 Robe of Wind Costume
Robe012 Torsche's Dress Costume
Coat002 Long Coat Costume
Coat003 Redingote Costume
Coat004 Justocorps Costume
LyndonCoat Sir Lyndon's Coat
Coat009 Maid Costume
Leather011 Fanatic Costume
Leather003 Studded-Leather Armor Costume
Leather004 Sunset Stripe Suit Costume
Leather010 Esianan Tattoo Costume
Metal001 Scale Armor Costume
Metal003 Plate Mail Costume
Metal002 Field Plate Mail Costume
BearSuit Bear Suit
Croc Croc Costume
Stock Hats
Hat013 Bear Hat
Hat014 Red Bear Hat
Hat015 White Bear Hat
Hat005 Blacksmith Cap
Hat006 Blacksmith Cap
Hat007 Blacksmith Cap
HatWizard008 Chapeau De Blanc
Hat008 Chef's Hat
HatElemental009 Corona La Ventisca
HatFighter009 Espada Hat: FIG(Male)
HatMusketeer006 Espada Hat: MUS(Male)
HatScout004 Gray Feather Hat
Hat010 Hawkeye Masque
HatElemental008 Korean Traditional Folk Costume Hat
HatFighter010 Samurai Helmet (Black)
Hat009 Sniper's Hat
Hat003 Swordsmen Helm
Hat025 Targan Turban
Hat004 Trooper's Helm
Hat028 Yeganeh's Hat
UPC Hats
Gertrude02 Agent Hat
Panfilo02 Battle Cook's Hat
Idge02 Battle Smith's Hat
RebSoldier02 Centurion Helm
Najib02 Disdasha Hat
Cortasar02 Kalid Armor Helm
Angie02 Light Hairband
Alejandro03 Octopus Cap
Yeganeh02 Outrageous Hat
Adelina02 Pirate Captain's Hat
Catherine02 Promenade Dress Hat
Viki02 Raccoon Hat
AuchInfantry02 Regiment Uniform Hat
Alejandro02 Shalwar Carmes Hat
Catherine04 Von Trapp Hat

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