Quest Series: Idge Imbrulia
Quest An Old Armour
Quest Fanatic Mail
Quest The Lost Drawing
Quest Idge's Series
Quest Idge's Breast Plate
Level: 6
Type: UPC Quest
Found: Idge Imbrulia (NPC)
Require: ???
Reward: 3x Card01 EXP Card (??)
3x Polish Polish: Novice

Summary Edit

  1. Collect the following from Ferrucio Junction:
  2. Return to Idge Imbrulia.

Walkthrough Edit

The stones are significant in that they get a blue outline (like a normal NPC) when your mouse hovers over them. To activate them all you need to do is click them. The stones are all around the Ferrucio Statue. Below are images to help you find the stones' whereabouts. The first image was the location that the armour was found at in testing, but it is still to be confirmed whether this location is randomized or not.

las piedras

Idgeoldarmourrock1 Idgeoldarmourrock2


If you do not find the armor right away, you may be rewarded with items such as Potion Health002 Healing Potions.

When you manage to find the stones, return to Idge to receive your reward.

Dialogue Edit


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