Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage
Basic Info
Type: Dungeon
Part of: Al Quelt Moreza
Yellowmapicon Al Quelt Moreza, Narthex

Yellowmapicon Al Quelt Moreza, Arcade


  • The Siegmunds which spawn in specific rooms in this area all drop Areavoucher Area Voucher s, which can be traded at the Tombstone in the first room of the Parsonage for random item rewards.
  • The Pioneering Memorial in this area rewards its quests with Seal Seal of the Pioneer Level 1.

Common DropsEdit

Item Type
Ionium Ionium Mineral
Areavoucher Area Voucher Siegmund Hunt


One entry may refer to more than one monster. For example, Heretics and Elite Heretics both spawn here, but they are only listed under Heretic.

Monster Level
Zealots 10-13
Vedanobahs 12
Hereticss 13-14
Fanatics 14
Siegmund 12



Pioneering MemorialEdit

The Memorial here rewards each hunt with:

Monster Level Amount
Vedanobah Warrior
Zealot 11 60
Heretic 20
Rusty Fanatic 12 30
Rusty Heretic 11 30

Siegmund HuntEdit

The Tombstone found in the first room of the Parsonage will reward you if you manage to collect all the Areavoucher Area Voucher s dropped by the Siegmunds that roam this dungeon. There are Twenty-Two Siegmund spawns in this dungeon, all shown on the map above. Each voucher is numbered according to the room the Siegmund spawned from. Bear in mind that when you pick up the voucher for one room, you can only hold one of them in your inventory. This prevents stockpiling multiple vouchers from the same room.


For each set of 22 Area Vouchers, the Tombstone will randomly award one of the following:

Item Amount
Random Ring 1
Key for Al Quelt Moreza, Hollow 1
Card01 EXP Card lv. 20 3
Card01 EXP Card lv. 10 6

Note: The Siegmund that drops the area-8 voucher is not often in his room. Go check the two areas between area 8 and 9, and you should find him.

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