Al Quelt Moreza, Narthex
Basic Info
Type: Dungeons
Part of: Al Quelt Moreza
Levels: 9-14
Yellowmapicon Al Quelt Moreza,

Yellowmapicon Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage



Common DropsEdit

Item Type
IronPiece Iron Piece Metal
Ionium Ionium Mineral


One entry may refer to more than one monster. For example, Vedanobah, Warrior Vedanobah, and Elite Vedanobah all spawn here, but they are only listed under Vedanobah.

Monster Level
Vedanobahs 8-12
Hell Hound 10
Striped Spiders 9-10
Zealot 12
BOSS: Cerbera 14


Pioneering Memorial

The Memorial here rewards each hunt with:

Monster Level Amount
Enraged Hell Hound 30
Vedanobah Rogue 9 20
Rusty Zealot 10 20
Striped Spider 40

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