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Al Quelt Moreza

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Al Quelt Moreza
Basic Info
Type: Explorable Area
Part of: none
Levels: 7-10
Yellowmapicon Ferrucio Junction

Yellowmapicon Al Quelt Moreza, Narthex

Yellowmapicon Cathari Falls


Common DropsEdit

Item Type
IronPiece Iron Piece Metal
Talt Talt Mineral
Template:Aprinium Mineral


Monster Level
Tiger Hornet lvl. 7
Hell Hounds lvl. 8 - 10
Striped Spider lvl. 9
Vedanobah lvl. 10


Pioneering Memorial

The Memorial here rewards each hunt with:

Monster Level Amount
Hellhound 6 50
Tiger Hornet 5 50
Vednobanah 4 50

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