A Warrior's Path to Humility
A Warrior's Path to Humility
Basic Info
Level: 40
Part of: NPC Quests
Reward: lv. 48 Gaiters

3 x Card01 EXP Card lv. 40

9 x Polish Polish: Disciple


Gracielo must the leader to active the series of quests. There are five parts to this quest. Before going into battle, be sure you have plenty of healing potions.

PART 1: HumilityEdit

  • Quest is automatically given upon completing "Making Amends With Camille"

1. Travel to Reboldeaux.

2. Talk to Menendez located at H-7 to be instantly teleported into battle.

  • You will have 18 minutes to complete this battle.

3. Kill 100 soldiers.

  • The soldiers (lv 30) will appear one at a time then two will appear, followed by threes then fours and lastly a few waves of five at a time.
  • During this battle, you will have no control over Gracielo. You will not be able to heal yourself with potions.

4. Destroy the Insignia that stands straight ahead of you.

5. Talk to Menendez again.

  • Next quest is automatically flagged.

Part 2: A True MatchEdit

Recommended: Bring approx. 80 Health Fillers


1. Travel to Port of Coimbra.

2. Talk to the Substitute Combat Master at C-9.

  • You will be teleported instantly to the battle area

3. Using your Scout's bard stance, buff yourself with Insistendo (+attack) and Meditativo (hp/sp regen)

4. Step forward and Gracielo will enter a 3-minute battle.

3. Defeat five (lv 30) soldiers.

4. Defeat Hippolite.

  • Next Quest is automatically flagged.

Part 3: Unaccepted ApologiesEdit


1. Travel to J-7 and talk to Camille, the Grocer.

  • You will be instantly teleported to a look-alike area.

2. When you appear, turn around and you will see rows of boxes.

3. Kick your way through the boxes.

  • Next Quest is automatically flagged.

Part 4: MadnessEdit

  • You will need approx. 20 healing potions.

1. Return to the Observation Deck (F-7) in Port of Coimbra.

  • You will be teleported instantly into the battel area.

2. Just after the dialog, using your Scout's bard stance buff up Gracielo using Insistendo (+attack) and Meditativo (hp/sp regen)

3. Move forward onto the green arrow to enter the battle.

4. Defeat the thugs and soldiers.

  • Next Quest is automatically flagged

Part 5: Hippolite's TombstoneEdit


1. Return to the Substitue Combat Master (C-9)in Port of Coimbra.

  • You will be teleported instantly to a graveyard area.

2. Click on the tombstone.

3. Look to your far right to find Fritz standing in the distance.

4. Click on Fritz.

Following QuestEdit

Quest A Warrior's Path to Understanding

Updated June 12, 2010

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