Quest Series: Catherine
Quest Humans Need Food, Robots Need Otite!
Quest A Power Storage Device for Kamen
Quest A Mysterious Crimson Ribbon
Quest The Alchemist Torsche
Quest Catherine's Spine
Quest Open Your Eyes, Catherine
Quest It Is Best to Prepare for a Rainy Day
Quest A Plan to Revive Catherine!
Quest A Heart for Catherine!
Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall & Grand Library
Level: 62-65 with Scout Support
Type: UPC "Catherine" Quest
Found: Throughout Mansion zones
Require: Obtain all 11 body parts
Reward: x4 Experience Cards, x4 Explorer Polishes

Walkthrough Edit

Upong completion of the quest "It Is Best To Prepare For A Rainy Day", this quest is automatically triggered.

1. Travel to Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall and the Grand Library to kill robots for parts (% drop rate is given).

  • Although there are 11 total body parts, only 10 are required to complete this quest. The Heart is needed for the next quest.


  • Heart: Elite Walter (1%), Fiery Walter (5%), Frozen Walter (5%), Lightning Walter (5%)
  • Right Arm & Right Hand: Elite Walter (2%), Fiery Walter (1%), Frozen Walter (1%), Lightning Walter (1%)
  • Left Leg & Left Foot: Sasha (1%)
  • Left Arm & Left Hand: Elite Lloyd (2%), Lloyd (1%)
  • Pelvis: Elite Lloyd (1%), Lloyd (5%), Sentinel Captain (3%)


  • Chest: Elite Helena (1%), Fiery Helena (5%), Frozen Helena (5%), Lightning 'Helena (5%)
  • Right Leg/Foot: Elite Helena (2%), Fiery Helena (1%), Frozen Helena (1%), Lightning 'Helena (1%)
  • Left Leg/Foot: Elite Sasha (2%), Sasha (1%)
  • Pelvis: Victor (3%)

2. Return to Dr. Torsche at F-4 of Grand Library.

Additional Notes Edit

  • Sentinel Captain (lv60) is the Reception Hall zone boss. He respawn is every 21 minutes.
  • Victor is the lv60 zone boss. He respawns every 21 minutes.
  • Drop rates decrease the more levels you gain above 60.
  • You may want to consider purchasing the quest items on the Merchant Market (approx. 200,000 vis) if you find it difficult

While farming, other drop items worth mentioning are:

  • Bellem’s Box: Haunted Candle/Box (Reception Hall),
  • Trinity Level 3: Sasha (Reception Hall)
  • Sapphire: All mobs (Reception Hall), Elite Sash/Sasha (Grand Library)
  • Emerald: All mobs (Grand Library)
  • Treasure Walter: Invisible/Translucent Lv58 Golem, spawns every 1 hour. He can only be attacked with an AoE.

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