A City Under Threat
A City Under Threat
Basic Info
NPC: Domingo
Level: 6
Part of: NPC Quests
Reward: 3 x Card01 EXP Card (640 exp)

3 x Polish Polish: Initiate


  1. Talk to Domingo and agree to help the Soldiers Clear out Al Quelt Moreza
  2. You will be teleported to an Instance
  3. Follow the soldier to the end of the path, where you need to defeat one lv. 5 Castor
  4. You will be teleported back to Reboldeaux
  5. Claim your reward from Domingo


This quest really isn't very difficult, and if you're not in a massive hurry you can just stay where you are and let the soldiers go fight for you. If you're curious though, just follow them along the path until you reach the end, and kill the Castor. The monsters on the way aren't too important, but they will hold the soldiers behind.


Quest The Source of the Taint


  • Note that in the game, this quest appears as "Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza", but there is a Pioneering quest with that name too, which is why it is listed under this name here.

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